Mission Statement

Dear collegue,

dear visitor,

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Belgian Laparoscopic Urology Group. The “vzw BLUG asbl” is a non-profit organization which was founded more than 10 years ago, aimed at sharing knowledge and experience in laparoscopic and robotic urological surgery.

Over the past 13 years or so, we have organized more than 30 workshops, training courses, live surgeries and congresses for Belgian urologists and trainees. We also managed to get a reimbursement code for the use of laparoscopic instruments in different procedures. The BLUG has also participated in several international congresses and courses on urological minimally invasive surgery. None of this would have possible without the enthusiasm and the drive of the founder an honorary president of the BLUG, Alex Mottrie and the continued effort of his successor Roland Van Velthoven.

In 2009 we became a working group of the Belgian Association of Urology. Amongst other things, this has resulted in the setting up of a robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy database, in excellent co÷peration with the Working Group Oncology. We are currently also collaborating with the working group Quality of Care in developing informed-consent forms for several well-established laparoscopic and robotic procedures.

The website has been redesigned and is essentially aimed at keeping you up-to-date on our activities. It will provide a range of information as well as easier means of contactingáthe board-members if you have any questions of suggestions. I hope that the site will be of interest and assistance to you.

On behalf of the board-members,

Kind regards,

Peter Dekuyper